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The Library

God has blessed my wife and I in an understanding of the Word of God. Our focus at West Side is to empower the people of God to achieve the destiny that God has for them through an intimate knowledge of the Word of God. We have done a systematic, detailed study of the Bible in our past Friday Night Bible Studies (at the bottom of this page).  

As time goes on, we'll continue to update this site to add more of our teaching so that you may avail yourself of all that God has given us.  Our goal is to empty ourselves of every revelation and insight that the Lord has given us before He returns for us.  Taking it with us doesn't benefit you at all!  Blessings upon you...Pastor & Lady West


Lady West completed this awesome study on a word we often overlook.  We are too sloppy today in our lives and our Christian walk.  This study will help us understand that iniquity is yet alive and well and God is still displeased!

This is another awesome brief study by Lady West on how to effectively minister to souls as they cry out to God on the altar.  This is information that used to be shared in intimate teaching sessions by the mothers of the church, however, it is so rarely done today in our busy society. 

This study was originally self-published in 1982 but now it is available via PDF to all that need it.  This is a discipline that we need to get back to (before we're forced to) and there is so much false teaching about it.  We believe this brief study will give you the full Biblical view.

This study is a very high level overview on the period from the Rapture of the Church to our entrance into the Holy City. There are some things here that you may not agree with but it will get you thinking about our future.  Warning: This is a very large file due to the graphics included.

This study speaks to how to handle emotional distress using the Word of God – something we are often reluctant to do.

Rebellion is killing the church today and often it is rebellion among those in leadership roles that is doing it. This study looks at one of the most horrible examples of rebellion in the Bible and asks us to examine ourselves in light of the study.

I’m not trying to stir up controversy but teaching on this subject is especially needed among Pentecostal churches.  If you don’t agree with what I have to say, let’s just plan to ask the Lord about it in the Holy City...together!

This was a quick (one class) session to give some basic help on how to study the Bible.  In this teaching, the focus was on the tools needed to help us in our search for truth.